About Us

Well Established in Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Scrap Metal.

Fortune Metals was established in 1999 with a key focus on the scrap metal network in the Americas. Based in Toronto, Canada, the company commenced operations as a small entity and progressed over time to achieve unparalleled success in less than a decade.

Firm adherence to corporate policies and values has strengthened its hold over the North, South and Central American and the Caribbean markets, strongly consolidating its market position in these regions. Fortune Metals holds interests in both ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal markets, and extends its influence over a wider global metal arena. This position is further fortified by Fortune Metals' pursuit of fully meeting its client, communal and environmental obligations.

Through the years of its operation, Fortune Metals has seen remarkable turnover figures by industry standards. It continues to delve into advancing its infrastructure to allow better quality standards and perpetual improvements in operational efficiency, making it one of the few scrap metal entities in Canada that have been successful in these areas.

In the coming years, Fortune hopes to meet a majority of trade demands from the American and Caribbean markets. Currently, it continues to develop a reliable supplier network and a quality-focused clientele. Our quality appraisals and assurance system ensures the shipment from our suppliers meet industry and environment quality standards, and thus meets our client requirements.