Executive Director’s Message

Lucky Group President

Fortune Metals is an associate of Lucky Group, a family-owned recycling enterprise that started its recycling operations more than four decades ago. As a first step towards Lucky Group’s global expansion strategy, Fortune Metals was established in 1999 in Toronto, Canada. As a result, the office has eased access into the North American market, opening up greater opportunities in the region.

The year 2015 has so far provided a challenging environment for our industry. The fall in oil price, and as a result metals prices, have made the ferrous sector tougher to operate in. Tumultuous conditions in the economy have changed supplier and buyer patterns across the globe. However, with a team of trained staff and experienced management, we are thoroughly equipped to continue to overcome these conditions tactfully.

We are also supporting the industry in 2015 with our associate group, Lucky Group, acting as the Key Sponsor of the BIR 2015 World Recycling Convention and Exhibition event. It is a privilege to adopt an active role on a global platform and welcome our industry peers to our founding city of Dubai.

On behalf of the team at Fortune Metals, we wish all our stakeholders, including our team members, vendors, suppliers and clients a successful year and a promising future in our industry.

Saleem Shaban
Executive Director
Fortune Metals